THERE’S NO DOUBT that floating works as a therapeutic, educational and entertainment tool it has powerful effects on a number of levels, including the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. But why is the floatation environment so effective? What can be so actively beneficial in an essentially passive device? This is a question that has intrigued scientists, and today there is an explosion of floatation research going on in laboratories around the world. The evidence accumulated so far falls into a number of distinct, though interrelated explanations. Among the most important are:

1.) The Antigravity Explanation

2.) The Brain Wave Explanation

Located at the County Chiropractic clinic in Marsh Barton, Exeter, floatation therapy uniquely fits into the clinic’s ethos of achieving and maintaining optimal health.

The tranquil, soothing environment of the floatation room creates the perfect synergy where relaxation, health and wellbeing come together as one.

3.) The Left-Brain Right Brain Explanation

4.) The Three Brain Explanation

5.) The Neurochemical Explanation

6.) The Biofeedback Explanation

7.)  The Homeostasis Explanation

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"I had never tried floatation therapy until recently. Now I really love it! Its relaxing, soothing and helps me eleviate my bodies aches and pains!"

Lesley, Exeter

"Wow, I feel like I have just been asleep on the beach for a week!"

Jerome, Exeter

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